Marching On!

Honestly, late winter tends to be a hard, dark time for me. After a long dash through the festivities of the fall and then Christmas, I'm totally winded. Add to that any measure of soul-searching or world catastrophe, and it can really bring me down, dude. I mean, I can understand what they were trying to do when they threw Valentine's Day in there. But really?! Not the best time to catch me in the mood (and, um, I mean for anything)!  

I completed this painting in March, during the last days of winter, as a call to spring.  My title for it is Riotous Banners of Joy - because some days, under the weight of the world's sorrows and competing expectations, just picking up my head and celebrating feels like a a revolution.

Towers, Yellows , in progress.

Towers, Yellows, in progress.