Down in the Dumps, But You Don't "look" Sad?!

For several reasons, CR29 Eastward, Blues is one of my favorites. Although there is nearly an equal division of land and sky, the colors bleed into one another: the blues of a clearer dawn sky above the sun-lit clouds echo those lavender shades of the paved road; the yellows of that sky are reflected in the haze hovering above the ground and the stripes in the road. The horizon therefore is lost. We'd like to find that line, to think in black and white but no separation is simple and clear. The cynic in me also likes how this beautiful road leads the public to only to one place: the county dump.

CR 29 Eastward, Blues.  2015.   Oil on panel. 18 x 23.5 inches. 

CR 29 Eastward, Blues. 2015. Oil on panel. 18 x 23.5 inches.