My second painting goal for the new year is to continue exploring the idea of motion.  How, in a still image, do we represent the more common experience of moving through our scenes? If you think about all the paused videos we encounter as thumbnail images on our various social media sites, or even how our camera phones are now taking brief videos with each photo, seeing action and expecting it from a 2D space will be all the more common.

I also think that exploring place will give me a buoy as I flounder in the rougher waters that figurative work is for me.  So, here I present the underpainting for a piece based on an evening coming home from the Capay Valley. We'd spent a lovely afternoon with friends, and I left them with the desire to not be leaving at all.  As I wistfully watched the miles roll between, I also watched the storm barrel over the mountains and drench the place we'd just been. This, dedicated to the joy I find in the "McSchneidly" family.