Lover of the Light

At the beginning of July 2016 I first went up a trail above the old Miller Rellim site, wherein lies "the ridge" featured a few times in The From Here series.  Within a mile of the trailhead I stopped short as a towering Roosevelt elk bull stepped out from the ferns into the trail 25 yards ahead. He stood bearing his 6 point crowns staring me down, and I beseeched him to remain confident in his threat assessment.  We calmly waited while his herd came through, grazing down the ravine.

At the base of this ridge, where the cliffs crumble into dunes, and the dunes into the ocean, I ran along the beach just a few days later.  Again, my breath caught and my legs halted as my eyes distinguished two young elk romping in the surf.   Sensing my presence they galloped back into the dunes. 

Such is the music of the spheres, that I would also during the same month stumble across this music video by Mumford and Sons. How I relate to a humanly-blind, stumbling faith leading to the ecstatic.